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Fertilizing Services in St. Petersburg, FL

When the grass, plants, and flowers on a property display vibrant colors, it’s an indication that they are being properly fertilized. In the case of any living organism, proper food and nutrients are the keys to a long and healthy life. However, proper fertilization goes far beyond a one type for all solution. Like the food we consume, there can also be good and bad types of food for plants. Our approach to fertilizing involves knowing each plant and what type of nutrients it needs throughout the year. We are also aware of some of the negative effects that certain fertilizers can have on the environment. By carefully researching Florida Friendly fertilizers and application methods, we promote the overall health of each lawn while supporting the local eco-system.

Our fertilizing maintenance programs vary based on frequency and needs for each property. During our lawn and landscaping maintenance visits, we are able to examine the property for certain trouble areas or weaknesses. We make it our aim to be proactive about the overall health of each property we care for. Packages include fertilization for turf, ornamental shrubs and groundcover, and trees. We invite you to contact us and speak to one of our representatives who would be happy to talk you about the best fertilization options for your property.

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