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Irrigation Services in St. Petersburg, FL

As humans, we know that water is a vital element to our overall wellbeing. The same idea applies to the plants and trees that enhance our surroundings. Without proper irrigation, a lush and thriving landscape can quickly turn into a dried up disaster. In addition to needing constant watering, certain plants or grass types vary in how frequently they should be watered. Certain plants, if overwatered, become weak and more susceptible to diseases or pest attacks. On the other end of the watering spectrum is a lawn that lacks proper irrigation. A lawn that lacks proper irrigation can become dehydrated and suffer from sun damage.

During the landscape design process, we consider and evaluate the watering needs of each landscaping job. If there is an area of the lawn that will require more or less water, we are able to make adjustments to sustain plant life in that particular zone of the property. Included in that evaluation is a water test. A water test reveals a number of things that help us to pick plants that will live well on each property. Some water sources contain higher PH levels than others, while others contain higher levels of salt. All of these property traits are what a professional company considers before any installation job.

As a Florida Friendly landscaping company, we do everything we can to properly conserve our natural resources. Since water is a precious resource, we consider irrigation methods that enhance the life of your investment while contributing to the balance and health of our environment. Our clients can opt to have our team come out to perform routine irrigation maintenance and inspections to ensure that the irrigation system continues performing optimally. We know that our clients don’t have the time to do research and testing and that’s what we are here for. Let our knowledgeable team worry about the grueling guesswork so that you can enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

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